HC Deb 19 March 1863 vol 169 c1605

SELECT COMMITTEE—Thames Conservancy, &c., appointed (List of Members).

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Public Houses [Bill 67]; Local Government Act (1858) Amendment [Bill 69]; Vaccination (Ireland) [Bill 70]; Judgments Law Amendment (Ireland) [Bill 71].

Second Reading—Marine Mutiny; Inclosure.

Committee—Tobacco Duties [Bill 56]; Corrupt Practices at Elections [Bill 8]; Telegraphs [Bill 16] r. p.; Mutiny; Trustees (Scotland) Act Amendment [Bill 59].

Report—Tobacco Duties [Bill 66]; Corrupt Practices at Elections [Bill 68] Mutiny; Trustees (Scotland) Act Amendment.

Third Reading—Hares (Ireland) [Bill 51]; and passed.