HC Deb 19 March 1863 vol 169 c1608

Perhaps the House will allow me to detain it for one moment on a personal matter. It will be remembered that the other night, in the course of the observations that I made in the debate on the subject of Greece, I alluded to Mr. Elliot. I mentioned that Mr. Elliot had been sent to Greece, thereby virtually superseding Mr. Scarlett; and I also alluded at the same time to a report which was current at one time that it was the intention of the Foreign Office last year to remove Sir James Hudson from Turin, and replace him by Mr. Elliot. I am sure the House will remember that the observations were made merely in a spirit of banter, and not in the least with the idea of giving offence. But I regret to hear that those observations have given pain to Mr. Elliot's family. I am told also that I have been entirely misinformed as to any steps ever having been taken by the Foreign Office for replacing Sir James Hudson and substituting Mr. Elliot; and further, that it never was the intention of the noble Lord at the head of the Foreign Office to make any such change. I extremely regret that I made any such observations, and thus gave pain to a gentleman who, I believe, is a most honourable and deserving servant of the Crown.