HC Deb 29 June 1863 vol 171 cc1617-8

said, he wished to ask Mr. Attorney General, What progress is making in the arrangement of new or additional Circuits, and when a Report will be made to the House; and whether any and what measures are taken to relieve the Judges from the excessive toil now imposed on them, by moans of creating additional Judges or otherwise; and, if not, what causes prevent the correction of an inconvenience to the public in the administration of justice?


, in reply, said, his hon. Friend seemed to suppose that a Commission had issued to inquire into the subject of Circuits, and that the Government were waiting for their Report; but no Commission was in existence, and therefore no Report was being waited for. With regard to the number of the Judges, it was not at present in the contemplation of the Government to propose an increase. But it was hoped that such changes as might be proposed would have the effect of relieving the unequal pressure of judicial business which now existed, and of enabling the Judges in their present number, without being unduly pressed, to administer justice satisfactorily in their respective Courts. Some changes seemed desirable and expedient, and for such as could not be effected without the aid of Parliament a Bill would be brought forward during the present Session, should there appear any reasonable prospect of it passing into law.