HC Deb 26 June 1863 vol 171 c1507

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in Committee—Public Works (Manufacturing Districts) [Advances], reported.

Ordered—Public Works and Fisheries Acts Amendment*.

Committee—Public Works (Manufacturing Districts) [Bill 154]; Partnership Law Amendment* [Bill 172], on re-committal—R.P.; Misappropriation by Servants* [Bill 156].

Report—Public Works (Manufacturing Districts) [Bill 192]; Misappropriation by Servants* [Bill 193].

Considered as amended—Howth Harbour* [Bill 157]; Newcastle upon Tyne (Saint Mary Magdalen Hospital)* [Bill 162]; Removal of Irish Poor [Mr. Villiers]* [Bill 140]; Courts of the Church of Scotland (Lords)* [Bill 92].

Third Reading—Harwich Harbour* [Bill 176]. Withdrawn—Midwifery* [Bill 180].