HC Deb 17 June 1863 vol 171 c1004

SELECT COMMITTEE—Report—Kitchen and Refreshment Rooms (House of Commons), Second Report [Parl. P. 366].

SUPPLY—CIVIL SERVICE ESTIMATES—Resolutions [June 15] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Howth Harbour.

First Reading—Domestic Servants and Apprentices Protection*[Bill 168]; Corporal Punishment in Schools* [Bill 169]; Walmer Vesting* [Bill 170]; Inclosure (No. 2)* [Bill 167].

Second Reading—Navy Prize Money, &c. [Bill 147]; Civil Bill Courts (Ireland) [Bill 138]; Local Government Supplemental (No. 2)* [Bill 165].

Select Commitee—Thames Embankment (South Side) [Bill 65], Mr. W. Cubitt discharged, Mr. Tite added.*

Referred to Select Committee—Election Petitions [Bill 124].

Committee—Marriages Registration (Ireland) [Bill 118], on re-committal.

Report—Marriages Registration (Ireland).

Third Reading—Offences (South Africa) (Lords)* [Bill 113]; Sheep and Cattle (Scotland)* [Bill 115]; Metropolis Turnpike Roads Acts Amendment* [Bill 131]; and severally passed.

Withdrawn—Endowed Schools [Bill 3].