HC Deb 11 June 1863 vol 171 c706

said, ha would beg to ask the noble Lord at the head of the Government, Whether it is clearly understood that the Vote for the purchase of land and buildings at South Kensington will be taken on Monday next?




said, he thought it would be more convenient to take the discussion in relation to the International Exhibition upon Thursday next. Two very important Motions, one on the subject of China, and the other upon Poland, stood for Monday evening, and it was impossible Supply could be reached till a late hour in the evening. Would the noble Lord consent to fix the discussion for Thursday next, with a general understanding that no opposition would be given to the Motion for going into Committee of Supply?


We have no command upon Supply nights. It is competent for anybody who chooses to give notice preliminary to going into Committee of Supply; and if we are to wait till all these Notices are exhausted, this discussion cannot be taken till rather late in the Session. I am afraid, therefore, I shall not be able to agree to the suggestion of the hon. Member for Galway.