HC Deb 09 June 1863 vol 171 c569

SELECT COMMITTEE—Board of Admiralty (Debate adjourned).

SUPPLY—Resolutions (June 5) reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Postmaster General (Sale of Land)*.

First Reading—Misappropriation by Servants* [Bill 156]; Casual Poor (Metropolis)* [Bill 155].

Second Reading—Officers of Royal Naval Reserve* [Bill 142].

Committee—Sheep and Cattle (Scotland) [Bill 115]; Local Government Supplemental* [Bill 151] (on re-committal); Dockyards Protection Act Amendment (Lords)* [Bill 130].

Report—Sheep and Cattle (Scotland); Local Government Supplemental*; Dockyards Protection Act Amendment*.

Third Reading—African Slave Trade Treaty * [Bill 144], and passed; Inland Revenue* [Bill 145], and passed.