HC Deb 05 June 1863 vol 171 cc475-7

Order for resuming Adjourned Debate on Amendment (Mr. H. Seymour) proposed to Question (Mr. Dillwyn) [19th May] read.


expressed a hope, that as the discussion could not be taken at that late hour, the noble Lord at the head of the Government would consent to name a day when it might take place. The question was, he added, considered by the great majority of the Irish people of more importance than any measure which had been introduced into that House for years.


said, that the hon. Member for Liskeard (Mr. Bernal Osborne) had already given notice that it was his intention to bring the question of religious endowments in Ireland under the notice of the House on an early day. The adjourned debate on the hon. Member for Swansea's Motion might be fixed for that day.


remarked, that the hon. Member for Liskeard had not fixed any particular day for bringing forward his Motion. At the same time, he could bear testimony to the great interest felt in Ireland on the subject.


said, that whatever interest the Irish people might have felt in it in times gone by, they had exhibited very little of late years. He should move that the debate be adjourned to that day three months.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Debate be further adjourned till this day three months."


observed, if the people of Ireland had recently exhibited little interest in the subject, it was because of the great sufferings which they had experienced for the last two or three years, and which engrossed their thoughts for the moment, to the exclusion of other matters.


pointed out that it would be no use to adjourn the discussion for three months, because the question would be raised in another form upon the Motion of the hon. Member for Liskeard. He therefore recommended the hon. Member for Dublin not to press his Amendment.


said, he found it impossible to get a day for the subject, which, as a member of the Church of England, he had brought forward on his own responsibility. He hoped the noble Lord at the head of the Government would give him a day.


said, that the days at the disposal of the Government were few in number; and, important though the question was, he could not, at that period of the Session, promise the hon. Member for Swansea to give him a day for its discussion. At the same time, he trusted that the hon. Member would not persevere in his Motion to postpone the discussion for so long a period as three months.


observed, that there had been a time when the noble Lord and his friends in Opposition experienced no difficulty in finding a day for the discussion of this question which had raised them to power. They now kicked away the ladder by which they had mounted.


said, he would be glad to withdraw his Motion if any reasonable day were fixed for the discussion.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

Debate further adjourned till Tuesday next.