HC Deb 03 June 1863 vol 171 c277

ELECTION COMMITTEE—Lisburn Election (List of the Committee).

SELECT COMMITTEE—on Expiring Laws nominated* (See May 29, p. 148).

SUPPLY—Resolutions (June 1) reported *—CIVIL SERVICE ESTIMATES.

WAYS AND MEANS—considered in Committee.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Regimental Debts * [Bill 149]; Stipendiary Magistrates* [Bill 150].

Second Reading—Public-houses [Bill 67], negatived; Sheep and Cattle (Scotland)* [Bill 115]; Fisheries (Ireland) [Bill 137].

Committee—Metropolis Turnpike Roads Acts Amendment* [Bill 131], (on re-committal)—R.P.

Third Reading—Vice Admiralty Courts (Lords)* [Bill 129], and passed.