HC Deb 20 July 1863 vol 172 c1057

said, he would beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether the statement be true, that during the recent riots at St. Vincent's there was indiscriminate flogging of the Negroes by order or permission of the authorities; and, if he has not heard of such statement, whether he will inquire into its truth?


said, in reply, that there had been received at the Colonial Office very full information with respect to the riots which took place at St. Vincent's. But in that information he could only find a single case of flogging having taken place during the continuance of Martial Law. That was in the case of three Negroes, flogged by order of a Police Magistrate. There were also several cases of prisoners tried and convicted, and whom the Chief Justice of the Island sentenced besides imprisonment to flogging. With respect to those sentences, the noble Duke at the head of the Colonial Office had some time since ordered a mitigation of them. He (Mr. Chichester Fortescue) was ready, if required, to take further means to ascertain the point referred to by the hon. Gentleman.