HC Deb 16 July 1863 vol 172 cc857-8

Lords Amendments considered, and agreed to, as far as the Amendment Clause E.

Clause E read 2°.

MR. DARBY GRIFFITH moved that the House do disagree to the new Clause (E), enforcing a revision of tolls whenever the dividend of the united Company's stock shall equal or exceed 6 per cent. The purport of the clause, which had been intro- duced by the Lords, was, he said, to extend the restrictive effect of the well-known Act, 7 & 8 Vict., c. 85, which provided, that when the dividend of railway companies reached 10 per cent, their tolls should be open to revision. He should be very glad if the Company should be able to make a dividend of 6 per cent; but he opposed the clause as a matter of principle.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House doth disagree with the Lords in the said Amendment."—(Mr. Darby Griffith.)


said, the clause had been at first opposed by the Companies, but was now acquiesced in by them, and he was desired to assure the House on the part of the united Companies that they did not wish to see the provision disturbed. He thought the other House of Parliament had exercised a very wise discretion in providing for a revision of tolls when the dividend should reach 6 per cent.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

Amendment agreed to.

Subsequent Amendments agreed to, with Amendments.