HC Deb 09 July 1863 vol 172 c434

said, he wished to ask the Under Secretary of State for War, Whether any measures have been taken by the Government to investigate the merits of Captain Forbes's Breech-loading principle, as compared with Armstrong's; whether this principle has not been already adopted by Russia in the flotilla on this Caspian Sea; and whether the Messrs, Horsfall have manufactured any of these so-called "Clay's" Guns for the British Government?


, in reply, said, he had inquired at the War Office with reference to Captain Forbes's breech-loading principle, but he could not find that any communication had been received from Captain Forbes himself on the subject. He was unable to say whether the principle had been adopted by Russia or not. With respect to the Messrs. Horsfall, he believed that the only guns manufactured by them for the British Government were mortars. If the hon. Member, however, would privately put him in possession of the information which he had received on the subject, he would be happy to institute the proper inquiries.