HC Deb 02 July 1863 vol 172 c66

said, he wished to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the cause of the delay in the completion of the Galway Contract was with a view of throwing the Transatlantic Service as far as possible into the winter; and, if not, what are the causes of the delay? His reason for putting the Question in this shape was because the right hon. Gentleman had, on the 20th of June, written to the Chairman of the Company to get ready as soon as possible, and stating that the Lords of the Treasury had written to the Post Office Authorities directing the Draft Contract to be drawn up. He wished also to ask, whether the Contract of April 21, 1859, is to be adhered to without alteration or addition?


replied, that he was not aware that the Government had furnished any grounds for the supposition contained in the hon. Gentleman's Question. On the 4th of May the Government informed the Galway Company that they were willing to renew the Contract of 1859; but it was not until the 15th of June that the Company announced their readiness to renew that Contract, which, however, they returned with very extensive modifications. On the 20th of June the Treasury instructed the Post Office to prepare the Contract, and on they 27th they received the Draft Contract from the Post Office, preparatory to its being sent to the Company. That Contract had since been returned to the Post Office. In answer to the second Question, he might state, that the Government would not do more than simply renew the Contract.