HC Deb 19 February 1863 vol 169 cc493-4

NEW MEMBER SWORN.—For Somerset (Western Division), William Henry Powell Gore Langton, esquire.

RESOLUTIONS IN COMMITTEE.— Prince of Wales (Queen's Message) [17th February]; Partnership Law Amendment.

PUBLIC BILLS. — First Reading. — Register of Voters [Bill 25]; Partnership Law Amendment [Bill 26].

Second Reading.—Corrupt Practices at Elections [Bill 8]; Union Relief Aid Act (1802) Continuance [Bill 17]; Telegraphs [Bill 10]; Malt Duty [Bill 20].

Committee. — Births and Deaths Registration (Ireland) [Bill 9]; Qualification for Offices Abolition [Bill 4].

Re-committed. — Illegitimate Children (Ireland) [Bill 13], in respect of Clause 4.

Report. — Illegitimate Children (Ireland) [Bill 13]; Qualification for Offices Abolition [Bill 4].

Considered as amended. — Drainage of Land (Ireland) [Bill 7].