HC Deb 30 April 1863 vol 170 c988

SELECT COMMITTEE—on Ecclesiastical Commission, nominated (List of Members.)

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading—Accidents Compensation [Bill 103]; Watchmen in Towns (Ireland) [Bill 102].

Second Reading—Customs and Inland Revenue [Bill 91].

Committee—Stock Certificates to Bearer [Bill 76]; Consolidated Fund (£20,000,000); Exchequer Bonds (£1,000,000); Borough Residence Uniform Measurement [Bill 60], negatived; Judgments Law Amendment (Ireland) [Mr. Whiteside] [Bill 71], r. p.; Jurors' Remuneration [Bill 36].

Report—Stock Certificates to Bearer [Bill 100]; Consolidated Fund (£20,000,000): Exchequer Bonds (£1,000,000); Jurors' Remuneration [Bill 101], and re-committed.

Considered as amended—Marriages, &c. (Ireland) [Sir E. Grogan] [Bill 88].

Third Reading—Telegraphs [Bill 78], and passed.