HC Deb 23 April 1863 vol 170 c573

said, he wished to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether it is competent for a Highway Board, constituted under the Highways Act (1862). to transact the business of the Board, after the first meeting of such Board, first, at any place out of the district; secondly, at any place situate within the limits of the district, but not being a constituent part of the district for the purposes of the Act?


said, in reply, that there was no express provision in the Act with regard to the places at which the meetings of the District Board were to be held after the first meeting; but he apprehended that according to the usual practice as to meetings of Local Boards, it would not be right, even if it were within the letter of the law, that the meetings of the Highway Board should be held in places quite apart from the district in which it exercised its functions. The latter part of the Question of the hon. Member referred, he understood, to meetings held in places geographically within the highway district, and yet not actually constituting a part of it. It was quite clear it would be for the convenience of the Boards that meetings should be held in those places where the public business of the district was ordinarily transacted. There was no provision in the Act against that, but the subject was under consideration with a view to remove any doubt.

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