HC Deb 20 April 1863 vol 170 c400

said, he wished to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the sum voted by Parliament for the Police Force in Counties and Boroughs is calculated on the net expenditure, after deducting the amount of the superannuation fund, rent, fines, and stoppages; and, if so, for what reason the Government objects to repay one-fourth of the whole amount expended for the pay and clothing?


said, in reply, that the contribution to which the Government was liable by Act of Parliament was limited not to exceed one-fourth of the cost of the pay and clothing of the Police Force, and by that they considered was meant the real pay and not anything which might be merely nominal pay. Where, therefore, they had found allowances for travelling expenses, or allowances for the rental of houses, had been converted into pay and made part of the pay, they had separated and set aside that portion in calculating the sum upon which their contribution was due. In the same way with regard to the deductions for the superannuation fund and for fines, as those were deductions made compulsorily, the Government did not think they would be justified under the Act in contributing towards them.