HC Deb 17 April 1863 vol 170 c307

said, he wished to ask the hon. Member for London, Whether the statement which appeared that day in the City Article of The Times, with respect to the proceedings of a deputation received on Thursday by Earl Russell, in relation to the seizure of the Peterhoff, and other English vessels, by American cruisers is a correct statement; and also whether a certain document, purporting to be a letter from Mr. Adams to Admiral Dupont, which was quoted in The Times as having been read to Lord Russell, is correctly given?


replied that the statement which appeared in the City Article of The Times, of what took place at the Foreign Office on Thursday, was in terms strictly correct, and that the letter published in the same newspaper as a copy of one read by himself to Lord Russell, and purporting to be from Mr. Adams, the American Minister, to Admiral Dupont, commanding a Federal squadron in the Gulf of Mexico, was, he believed, also in terms strictly correct, though he had not compared it with the original. He wished to add, that he was not a party to the publication of the proceedings of the deputation.

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