HC Deb 15 April 1863 vol 170 c168

On Motion for the Adjournment of the House,


said, be would take that opportunity of complaining of the manner in which the Estimates had been brought forward during the Session. On Monday night Estimates No. 3 were taken up instead of Estimates No. 1, and great inconvenience had been caused to him and other hon. Members by that irregularity. He wished also to give notice that he would on the following day move for a copy of any correspondence that had taken place from the 9th of August, 1862, down to the present date, between the Roman Catholic priest at Perth, the governor of Perth prison, and the Secretary of State for the Home Department.


said, he rose to express a hope that the Government would give an early day to hon. Members who had Motions down for the previous Tuesday evening, when the House was adjourned in consequence of the death of Sir George Lewis. He had a Motion down on the subject of fire insurance; and if the Chancellor of the Exchequer did not render it unnecessary by his Budget, he thought he was entitled to an early opportunity of bringing it forward.