HC Deb 05 May 1862 vol 166 cc1203-4

said, he would beg to ask the secretary of State for War, Whether he is aware that the Drill Instructors appointed to Volunteer Corps by the War Office are not contented with the pay they receive from the War Office, but require pay in addition from the Volunteers; and whether such proceeding be in accordance with the intention of the War Office; and, if not, whether the Government will prevent its occurrence, either by prohibiting the Drill Instructors from making any demand on the Volunteers, or in any other way?


replied, that the Sergeant Instructors of Volunteers were of two classes. There were those who had pensions, and they received the same pay as the permanent staff of the Militia, which amounted, with certain allowances, to 2s. 4d. a day; and there were also those who had no pensions, and they were paid at the same rate as sergeants of the line, namely, 2s.7d. a day. It would not be possible, with regard to these two classes, to give higher allowances. The War Office had received a few applications with regard to the alleged insufficiency of this pay, but only a few; and with regard to the applications that might be made to commanding officers of Volunteers, he could only say that they had the matter entirely in their own hands.