HC Deb 24 March 1862 vol 165 cc1956-7

said, he wished to ask Mr. Attorney General, Whether it be the intention of the Government to introduce any measure to alter or amend the Bankruptcy Bill of last Session?


said, it was not the intention of Her Majesty's Government to introduce any such measure as that referred to by the hon. Gentleman. The chief difficulties which had been encountered in the working of the Bill of last Session arose from the irregular attendance of three of the five London Commissioners. A Return would be shortly laid upon the table of the House, by which it would appear that one of those gentlemen had attended only thirteen times since the 11th of October, and that the two others attended only twice a week, and that for very short periods. There had been also some inconvenience experienced from the want of a sufficient number of Registrars. Directions had, however, been given by the Lord Chancellor for the correction of those evils, and also with respect to the attendance of the Commissioners. It was hoped that those instructions would have the desired effect; but if they had not, undoubtedly a Bill would be introduced in the present Session on the subject. He might mention that the number of Petitions in Bankruptcy in London lodged since the 11th of October was from three to four times as great as for the corresponding period of last year.