HC Deb 19 June 1862 vol 167 cc732-3

said, that as the Japanese Ambassadors had left this country, he now wished to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether the Ports of Japan will be open to British commerce in conformity with the Treaty with the Japanese, or whether the opening is to be postponed; and if so, if he will tell the House why?


said, Her Majesty's Government had consented to defer for a period of five years, to commence from the 1st of January, 1863, the fulfilment of those portions of the 3rd article of the treaty between Great Britain and Japan, of the 26th August, 1858, which provided for the opening to British subjects of the ports of Neagata and Hiogo, and for the residence of British subjects in Yedo and Osaca. The other obligations of the Treaty would be fully enforced; but the 3rd article not until five years after January, 1863. [Mr. WHITE: Why?] Perhaps his hon. Friend would wait until communications had been made to the Japanese Government, when the reasons would be stated.