HC Deb 12 June 1862 vol 167 cc494-5

wished, before the Speaker left the chair, to draw the attention of the Secretary of State for War to the non-performance of his promise with regard to the evidence taken by the Defence Commission. Before the adjournment for the Whitsun holydays he reminded that right hon. Gentleman that a copy of this evidence had been more than a week in the Library of the House, and the right hon. Gentleman undertook that it should be in the hands of Members soon after the House rose. Now, up to that evening it had not been delivered. As the right hon. Gentleman had given notice that he intended to bring the question to which that evidence referred before the House on the 23rd instant, it was extremely desirable that the evidence should be placed in the hands of hon. Members without delay. The question was a nice one, and would require a great deal of consideration. Perhaps the right hon. Gentleman would also state whether he meant to proceed by Bill or otherwise on the 23rd instant.


said, he certainly was under the impression that the evidence would have been delivered immediately. The copy brought to him appeared to be in a perfect state, and he had requested that copies might be placed at once in the Library for the inspection of Members, fully believing that in a day or two the rest would be delivered. The House, however, was aware that the printing arrangements were not under his control, but that the matter lay between the Secretary of the Commission and the printer. He was not officially responsible for the delay, but he would inquire into its cause. He proposed to take the ordinary steps for obtaining leave to bring in a Bill to extend the powers of the existing Fortifications Act; and, as that would create a charge on the Consolidated Fund, it would be necessary that he should begin by moving a Resolution in Committee of the Whole House. He would therefore, on Monday the 23rd, move such a Resolution on which to found the Bill. The words of the Resolution would appear on the paper to-morrow morning.

Motion agreed to.

House in Committee.