HC Deb 28 July 1862 vol 168 c909

said, he rose to ask the President of the Board of Trade, Whether the Electric Light now in use at Dungeness Lighthouse has not been successful; and, if so, whether its adoption is to form part in the alterations contemplated by the Trinity Board in the Portland Lights; and to move for copy of Mr. Faraday's Reports on the Light to the Royal Commissioners, and of those made by order of the Trinity Board?


said, the Electric Light had been exhibited only for a short time at Dungeness, but so far as experience went, the result was encouraging. A proposal had been made to the Board of Trade by the Trinity Board for the reconstruction of the Lights at Portland, and they had replied by asking whether the time might not come for placing the Electric Light there as well as at Dungeness, but they had received no answer to that letter. At present the matter might be said to be under consideration. The Electric Light was entirely in an experimental position, and time must elapse before an opinion could be formed as to whether it would be safe to adopt it elsewhere. There would be no objection to producing the papers.


said, he would give notice that next Session he would call attention to the experiments which had been made with the Electric Light on the coasts of the United Kingdom.