HC Deb 24 July 1862 vol 168 c739

said, he wished to draw the attention of the Chief Secretary for Ireland to the fact that a large procession of Roman Catholics, including bishops and clergymen of that persuasion, had marched through Dublin on Sunday last with banners, sashes, and cockades; and he would beg to ask, Whether the law had been or would be put in force to prevent such demonstrations, as had been done in a case in which Orange flags had been displayed in Antrim, or whether the Party Emblems Acts was to be carried into effect only in reference to one class of Her Majesty's subjects?


said, the Government would not, of course, make the slightest distinction in the enforcement of the law between one party and another in Ireland. In the case of the procession in Dublin, there had, he understood, been no violation of the law, nor were party emblems, he believed, worn on the occasion.