HC Deb 04 July 1862 vol 167 cc1421-2

said, he wished to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Has his attention been called to the Resolution adopted by the Grand Jury of the County of Tipperary, at the late Special Commission in Clonmel, complaining of defects in the Irish Constabulary system, "owing to the Military organization established at Head Quarters;" and is it intended to remedy those defects by reforming that organization?


said, he was in receipt of the Resolution to which the hon. and learned Gentleman had referred, and a copy of it had been, or would be, forwarded to the Lord Lieutenant. He was glad to find that in the Resolution the grand jury had recorded their opinion of the good conduct, sobriety, and general intelligence of the Constabulary Force in Ireland. In regard to the question about "military organization at head quarters," he (Sir Robert Peel) did not know what it meant, as the present organization of the force was precisely the same as it had been for years, with the exception that the arms with which the force had been furnished were of a more excellent quality than those previously supplied. The Government, so far as at present advised, had no intention whatever of altering the organization of the force.