HC Deb 02 July 1862 vol 167 c1321

Order for Committee read


said, the Motion was unprecedented. The Bill had been before a Select Committee, and the evidence taken before it had not been printed, and it was unusual to press a Bill on in the absence of the evidence. The Government officials, who had put forward the hon. Member for Wexford, were anxious to push on the Bill unfairly. The measure affected property in Ireland to the value of nearly £100,000,000 a year, the owners of which had not had an opportunity of being heard before the Select Committee. He contended that there was a good case for sending back the Bill to the same Committee for further inquiry, or submitting it to a new Committee. The measure was a mere job, for the purpose of enriching a few private owners of fisheries in Ireland.


intimated his intention to postpone his Motion.


objected to the postponement. Charges had been made against the members of the Committee which they ought to be allowed to answer. The Bill was an important one, and every opportunity of pressing it ought to be seized.

Committee deferred till Friday.