HC Deb 25 February 1862 vol 165 cc721-2

said, he wished to reintroduce the Bill of his right lion. Friend the War Secretary for the amendment of the Acts relating to the payment of expenses of prosecutions. It was proposed that there should be a uniform scale of allowances to witnesses payable by the Treasury, which should in no case be exceeded; but that the county magistrates should have power, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State to increase the allowances out of their own funds. He moved for leave to bring in the Bill.


said, he was glad that a Bill on the subject was to be introduced, because the existing regulations caused great inconvenience and frequent complaints, particularly in the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. The magistrates of Lancashire had made a strong presentment on the subject, complaining that the scale interfered with the due administration of justice by deterring witnesses from attending courts to give evidence. He had heard of the case of a surgeon who, after losing a day's practice, in a case in which two men were sentenced to penal servitude, found, on reaching home, that his allowance loft him a balance over expenses of 1s. 6d


said, that having been a Member of a deputation from Yorkshire on the subject, he wished to corroborate the opinion entertained as to the injury and inconvenience accruing to the present administration of the law from the present mode of paying witnesses.


explained, that the Bill was the same that was brought in by his right hon. Friend (Sir George Lewis) last Session. It was founded on the Report of the Commission of 1858. He would not put the second reading for a very early day, and he wished the Bill to be printed before he named a day for the second reading.

Leave given. Bill for the Amendment of the Acts relating to the payment of the Expenses of Prosecutions, ordered to be brought in by Sir GEORGE GREY and Mr. CLIVE.

Bill presented, and read 1o; to be read 2o on Monday next, and to be printed.