HC Deb 21 February 1862 vol 165 c606

On Motion, that the House do resolve itself into Committee on the said Bill,


complained, that the hon. Member for Sheffield had fixed the Bill on a Government night at this very early period of the Session, which was quite unusual. He thought the Bill ought to be fixed for its next stage on a Wednesday, in order that it might come on for discussion before two o'clock in the morning.


said, he thought the hon. Gentleman was showing a settled disposition to harass the hon. Member for Sheffield, who had charge of the Bill. He looked upon this Session as essentially a private Members' Session; and unless private Members were to be permitted to proceed with their little reforms, he did not see how they were to employ themselves till the 1st of June, when it was understood the Session was to be finished. There was "ample time and verge enough" for private Members if they were not interrupted, for the Government were intent on the pleasant occupation of lying on their oars. They intended to do nothing, and very wisely, for they could do nothing. He appealed, then, to the hon. Gentleman not to oppose this puny bit of reform, so that the House, when it separated, might be able to boast of having done something.

Bill considered in Committee; and reported without Amendment.