HC Deb 20 February 1862 vol 165 c496

said, he wished to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Was the Lord Chancellor of Ireland consulted by Her Majesty's Government as to issuing the pending Commission with reference to the Courts of that Country; did he decline to be named on that Commission; and was there any objection to produce the Official Correspondence?


said, that the Commission had been appointed in consequence of an Address from the House of Lords. He presumed that his hon. and learned Friend wished to know whether the Lord Chancellor of Ireland had been consulted about its composition. On that point he had been consulted. A correspondence on the subject had taken place between the Lord Chancellor of England and the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, but it was not of an official character. With regard to the second part of his hon. and learned Friend's question, he had to reply that it was at first proposed that the Lord Chancellor of Ireland should be one of the Commissioners; but on further consideration of the matter it was thought better to follow the rule that had been acted on in England, and not have the Lord Chancellor on the Commission, as it might become his duty to revise its proceedings and advise the Crown thereon.