HC Deb 06 February 1862 vol 165 c49

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Lincoln City, v. George Fieschi Heneage, esquire, Chiltern Hundreds.

NEW MEMBERS SWORN.—For Lancaster County (Southern Division), Charles Turner, esquire; for Birkenhead, John Laird, esquire; for Coleraine, Sir Henry Hervey Bruce, baronet; for Oxford County, Lieutenant Colonel John William Fane; for Nottingham Town, Sir Robert Juckes Clifton, baronet; for Carlisle, Edmund Potter, esquire; for New Shoreham, Sir Percy Burrell, baronet; for Plymouth, Walter Morrison, esquire; for Lincoln City, Charles Seeley, esquire; for Finsbury, William Cox, esquire; for Worcester County (Eastern Division), Harry Foley Vernon, esquire.

PUBLIC BILL—1o Outlawries,

The House met at half after One of the clock.

Message to attend the Lords Commissioners;—

The House went;—and having returned;

MR. SPEAKER acquainted the House that he had issued Warrants for New Writs, for Plymouth, v. Viscount Vallotort, now Earl of Mount Edgcumbe; for Lincoln City, v. Major Gervaise Tottenham Waldo Sibthorp, deceased; for Carlisle, v. right hon. Sir James Robert George Graham. bart., deceased; for Finsbury, v. Thomas Slingsby Duncombe, esq., deceased; for Worcester County (Eastern Division), v. John Hodgetts Hodgetts Foley, esq., deceased; for Nottingham Town, v. John Mellor, esquire, one of the Justices assigned to hold Pleas before the Queen; for Oxford County, v George Granville Vernon Harcourt, esq., deceased; for New Shoreham, v. Sir Charles Merrik Burrell, hart., deceased; for Coleraine, v. John Boyd, esq., deceased.