HC Deb 10 April 1862 vol 166 cc767-8

said, it would be a great convenience for the public business if this Bill, which stood as the seventh order of the day for its third reading, were passed at once, that it might go up to the House of Lords that night, and be ready for the Commission which was to give the Royal assent to certain Bills to-morrow. He had, therefore, to move that the six previous orders of the day be postponed, to allow the measure to be proceeded with first.


said, he believed that the Bill was harmless, but it had been read the second time before printed copies of it were delivered to hon. Members; and he must protest against the practice of hurrying through measures before the House had the opportunity of making itself conversant with their provisions.


said, he also must complain of the irregularity of the proceeding. Such derangements of the business paper deprived hon. Members who might wish to move clauses in particular Bills of the power of doing so.

Ordered, That the first six Orders of the Day be postponed till after the Order of the Day for the Third Reading of the Australian Colonies Government Act Amendment Bill.

Bill read 3°, and passed.