HC Deb 02 May 1861 vol 162 cc1372-3

Order for consideration read.


said, that the Bill of 1847 provided that the west and south parts of the Abbey should be brought into view, but when the lofty buildings in contemplation were erected opposite the Westminster Hotel the whole of the Abbey on that side would be kept out of view. On this account he proposed that the Bill should be referred back to the Committee to ascertain what were the improvements contemplated by the original measure; and, also, to what extent these improvements had been carried out, and whether if they could not be carried out in toto they might not be carried out in part, so as to accomplish one of the principal objects of the measure?


said, that as Chairman of the Committee upon the Bill, he could state that the designs under the original Act had not been entered into. The Westminster Improvements had not been successfully carried out. The Acts of Parliament for the purpose had expired, and the object of this Bill was to appoint a new Commission, with powers to wind up the concern and do what they could for the mortgagees, the bondholders, and the public. It was a measure well calculated for the object in view, and he trusted it would be allowed to pass. He apprehended the hon. Gentleman entirely misunderstood the scope of the Bill.


said, that if the Bill only referred to the Commission there would be no necessity to send it back to the Committee, but it did more than that. The public were also interested in the matter, but the only object of the Commissioners would be to wind up the Commission to the best advantage of the bond and mortgage holders, without the slightest reference whatever to the interests of the public. He thought they required more information before legislating on the subject, and he should, therefore, support the Amendment.


said, that they would establish a very bad precedent if they departed from the principle of confirming the proceedings of Committees to which they referred such Bills, and he, therefore, recommended that the Amendment be withdrawn.

Amendment by leave withdrawn; Bill to be read 3o.

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