HC Deb 22 March 1861 vol 162 c209

said, he rose to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Under what circumstances the Appointment by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue in January last of three Excise Officers—namely, Messrs. Conran, Bell, and Esner, to collect the Income Tax in one of the districts in Islington parish took place, and why the nomination of a collector was taken out of the hands of the Local Commissioners? Also, what sum is paid to those officers for making the collection, and if they are to receive any advantages not enjoyed by the other collectors in the district of Finsbury? Also, if they have been sworn to secresy, and if so, on what day or days, and by whom


said, it was quite open to his hon. Friend if he thought fit to call for a detailed account of the proceedings and of the circumstances under which the Excise Officers had been appointed to collect the Income Tax, and the Assessed Taxes, in the parish in question. It had been done under the Act which was passed in 1854. The appointment in the first instance came into the hands of the Board of Inland Revenue, in consequence of the failure of the persons appointed by the Local Commissioners to find securities. The Board endeavoured to find fit persons for the office, but failing in that they thought it best to appoint trustworthy persons in their own employ, namely, the Excise officers. The oath of secresy was administered to them on the 23rd of January, and they received no remuneration for making the collection beyond their salaries.