HC Deb 25 June 1861 vol 163 c1561

said, he rose to ask the Under Secretary for War, With what dress and accoutrements the detachment of Guards was marched from Kingston to Guildford on Thursday last, and at what hour it left Kingston and arrived at Guildford; and to move for a Copy of the representation, if any, which was made by the Medical Officer in charge to the Commanding Officer on the probable effect of such a march on the health of the Troops?


said, in answer to the first part of the hon. Baronet's question, he had to state that the dress and accoutrements of the detachment of Guards on their march from Kingston to Guildford on Thursday were such as were used in what is termed "marching order;" that was to say, the weight of the dress and accoutrements altogether amounted to from 45lbs. to 49lbs. He had only further to remark, as to the order in which they marched, that the commanding officer stated that the men were allowed to take off their stocks and unbutton their tunics, if they wished to do so. With respect to the time, they started from Kingston at ten minutes past six in the morning, and reached Guildford at a quarter past two in the afternoon. In reply to the latter part of the question as to whether any representation had been made by the medical officer in charge, he begged to say he had been informed that the assistant surgeon to the detachment made no representation with regard to the march; that the detachment had marched on the preceding day without any serious consequences resulting, and that the medical officer did not think it necessary to make any representation. He would only add that the question of clothing in the army had long occupied the serious attention of the Horse Guards; and that several great improvements conducive to the health and comfort of the soldier had been effected of late years.