HC Deb 24 June 1861 vol 163 cc1481-2

said, he rose to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether his attention has been directed to certain proceedings alleged to have taken place at the Sligo Board of Guardians, on the 4th of June last, by which it appears that two children named Caulfield, whose parents were both Catholics, had been illegally registered Protestants, and that, although the uncle of the children had applied on the 21st of May last for their discharge, the Sligo Board of Guardians had refused his application; and on the 4th of June a majority of the Board passed a Resolution to give them up to their grandfather, who then also, at the suggestion of the Protestant Chaplain, made a claim for them for the purpose of at once transferring them to a Protestant Orphan Society, and what steps he intended to take in the matter?


said, that six years ago two children born of Roman Catholic parents were taken by the directions of their paternal grandfather to the Sligo Workhouse, and were registered as Protestants. The Guardians did not, he was informed, know that they were Roman Catholics until an application was made the other day that they should be given up to their uncle. Another application was made to have them given up to their paternal grandfather. The Guardians gave them up to him, and in doing so he believed that they complied with the requirements of the law.