HC Deb 07 June 1861 vol 163 cc759-60

said, he wished to ask the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether it be the case that the Austrian Government has demanded the withdrawal of Mr. Graham Dunlop from Pesth, and whether he has been, in consequence, recalled to Vienna; also, whether his conduct while fit Pesth has given occasion of dissatisfaction to Her Majesty's Government, or any just cause of complaint to that of Austria?


said, the position of Mr. Dunlop was that of an Attaché to our Embassy at Vienna, and he was sent to Pesth by his (Lord John Russell's) desire, and according to the wishes of our Ambassador at Vienna; but it was remarked soon afterwards by the Austrian Government that his presence there might seem to give some countenance to the disaffected party in Hungary. His answer to that was that if at any time the Austrian Government should wish him to leave, as we had no right to keep an Attaché there, he should be withdrawn immediately. The Austrian Government did express their desire that he should leave, but it was not founded on any part of the conduct of Mr. Dunlop. On the contrary, the Austrian Government had no fault to find with him; and Her Majesty's Government had every reason to be satisfied with the faithful and impartial reports which he had sent home.


said, he wished to know whether there is any objection to produce Count Rechberg's Despatch requiring Mr. Dunlop's withdrawal?


said, there were no despatches from Count Rechberg on the subject. He had stated some time ago in conversation, that if Mr. Dunlop was to remain at Pesth other agents from other countries would be sent there, and it would be inconvenient to the Austrian Government. Count Rechberg never made a formal demand that Mr. Dunlop should be withdrawn.