HC Deb 26 July 1861 vol 164 c1640

said, he wished to ask the Secretary of State for India, Whether the appointment of Colonel Mollan, C.B., of the 75th Foot, to the command of the 101st Fusiliers (late Bengal 1st Fusiliers), to the prejudice of the claims of local Field Officers of the Bengal Army, has his approval; whether the following appointments in Bengal General Orders of the 20th of May last has his sanction: Brevet Major Gordon, of Her Majesty's 46th Foot, to command the 33d Regiment Native Infantry; Lieutenant Geddes, Her Majesty's 27th Foot, to be Adjutant of the 14th Regiment Native Infantry; Lieutenant A. B. Morgan, Her Majesty's 19th Foot, to be Adjutant of the 42d Regiment Native Infantry; whether those Officers have passed the prescribed tests as Interpreters; whether they are to be seconded in their respective Regiments; and whether those Officers are permanently attached to the Staff Corps?


said, he had received no account of any one of those appointments, and, therefore, he was not able either to sanction or disapprove of them.