HC Deb 02 July 1861 vol 164 c197

said, he would bag to ask the First Lord of the Treasury, Has the hon. Member for Clonmel offered to resign his position as one of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, upon the ground that Irish interests had been disregarded by the present Administration, and has such offer been finally accepted; and if so has the vacancy so created been filled up; or is it intended to fill it, and when?


Sir, I am very sorry to say that my hon. Friend the Member for Clonmel has resigned the office which he held as a Lord of the Treasury, and with great regret I have recommended that his resignation should be accepted. With regard to the reasons which have induced my hon. Friend to send in his resignation, my hon. and learned Friend knows full well that there is nothing so unparliamentary as to impute motives to any person. If he wishes to have a correct statement of the grounds on which the resignation was tendered, he had better apply to the hon. Member himself. The office will be filled up, and it is still open.