HC Deb 01 August 1861 vol 164 cc1825-6

explained, that the reason why the Bill had been introduced so late in the Session was in order to enable the General Assembly to consider the measure. When the schoolmasters applied to him to bring the subject forward, he stated that having twice attempted to carry a Bill without success he would not again take up the question unless he had reason to expect that the Bill would be favourably received, not only in that House but elsewhere. It was not until after the Easter recess that he had reason to think that that expectation would be fulfilled. He had only to say, that it was with great gratification he found that at least they were about to settle this controversy which had been pending for twenty years. He could not but congratulate the House that at length justice was about to be done to a most meritorious class of persons.


desired to enter his protest against that Amendment made by the Lords which substituted three Professors of Divinity instead of two, and thus gave to the Established Church equal power with the laity in the examination of schoolmasters. The result would be that none but members of the Established Church would be admitted. He trusted that next Session some improvement in that point would be made.


trusted that all parties in Scotland would work harmoniously together to carry the measure into effect. Amendments

agreed to