HC Deb 25 May 1860 vol 158 cc1789-90

brought up the Report of the Committee of Supply.

Resolutions reported:

  1. 1. "That a sum not exceeding £400,000 be 1790 granted to Her Majestys on account, for, or towards defraying the Charges of certain Civil Services to the 31st day of March 1861."
  2. 2. "That a sum not exceeding £2,500 be granted to Her Majesty for the Extension of the Malta Harbour."

On the Resolution of £2,500 for Malta Harbour,


said, in his opinion this small sum was merely the prelude to a large draught on the Imperial Exchequer—a draught which he believed would ultimately amount to £250,000. The Council of Malta had formally resolved to pay only a fixed sum, so that any excess of expenditure would have to be borne by the Imperial Government. He would like to know whether the rights of the navy in those waters would be secured after all that outlay?


asked whether there was any likelihood of the Estimate being exceeded?


said, the greatest pains had been taken to secure accuracy in the Estimate; and unless any unforeseen accident arose the work would be completed without exceeding it. The local Government of Malta had certainly passed a Resolution restricting their liability to half the amount of the Estimate, but unless they would consent to bear their share of the whole expense, whatever it might come to, the Admiralty would limit the extent of the work executed to the amount voted by Parliament. He assured the hon. Member that the rights of the navy were fully secured.

Resolutions agreed to.

House adjourned at Half after Twelve o'clock till Thursday next.