HC Deb 01 May 1860 vol 158 c456

said, be would beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether Mr. Ogilvie, of the London Customs, who has been selected to assist in the revision of the French Tariff, as stipulated under the Treaty, is the officer of that name who, a few years ago, was engaged, under the direction of the present Chairman and Board of Customs, in getting up the prosecutions for alleged frauds against the various Dock Companies of the Port of London; whether Mr. Ogilvie was employed in revising the British Tariff which has just been abolished, and which was based upon the principle of levying Duties by specific rates; and, further, whether there is any objection to the Reports or Statements made on a former occasion by Mr. Ogilvie to the Board of Customs, or any member of it, or to any person connected with the Government, in opposition to the abolition or reduction of the Wine Duties, being presented to this House?


said, he must beg the hon. Gentleman to postpone his question until the Chancellor of the Exchequer was present. His right hon. Friend, he believed, would wish to make some statement respecting Mr. Ogilvie.