HC Deb 23 March 1860 vol 157 cc1188-9

Sir. I rise only to express my great astonishment at the charge which the right hon. Gentleman the Chancellor of the Exchequer has thought proper to throw out against ray right hon. Friend the Member for Stroud. Sir, I hold that one of the great duties of a Member of Parliament is to observe due decorum while speaking in this House of foreign potentates, and my right hon. Friend would have been grievously wanting in his duty had he indulged in any improper language with reference to the Emperor of the French. But, Sir, I have been present during all the discussions, on this Savoy question, and I can declare that I know of nothing said by my right hon. Friend that justifies the charge which the Chancellor of the Exchequer has thought fit to throw out against him. And, before I sit down, Sir, I must express the great dissatisfaction with which I heard the appeal that the Chancellor of the Exchequer attempted to couple with this charge. He seemed, as I understood him, to endeavour to influence the mind of this House by suggesting to it something like a fear that the language used by Members hero may give displeasure to the Emperor of the French. Sir, I protest against the notion that language in this House is to be adapted to the taste of the Emperor of the French.


said, he would confess that his inclination was to draw closer the tics that existed between this country and Franco. At the same time he could not help thinking that on several occasions since the commencement of the Session there had been something like moral intimidation used by Ministers towards independent Members of that House. He admitted the difficulties of the Government with reference to the Savoy question, arising not from their conduct, but from the lust of dominion manifested, and the changing views of other parties; but Ministers ought not to forget the deference they owed to the independence of the House from which they derived all their authority.

Motion agreed to.

House at rising to adjourn till Monday next.