HC Deb 05 March 1860 vol 156 cc2268-70

House in Committee according to Order.

Mr. MASSEY in the Chair.

(In the Committee.)


said, he would now move the Re- solutions by which he proposed to allow the British distillers a drawback of 2d. per gallon on raw spirits, and of 3d. on rectified in the case of exportation. These amounts were calculated by the officers of revenue as a just compensation to the distillers in respect of their Excise disadvantages.


said, that it was usual to print Resolutions of this kind, in order that those who took an interest in such matters might have an opportunity of being present at the discussion of them.


said, the substance of the Resolution had been printed, and had been in the hands of Members some four or five days ago; so that full notice had been given to everybody interested.


said, that manufacturers of British wine had complained that by the propositions of the Chancellor of the Exchequer they were unfairly placed with regard to the foreign manufacturers, and he wished to know whether any relief could be afforded to them?


said, he had taken the case of the British wine manufacturers into his consideration, and could not see that they had any claim for relief. The articles of which they manufactured their wines were sugar, on which the duty would he reduced if we could have afforded it, and brandy and raisins, on which the duty would actually be reduced considerably. In fact, the manufacturers of British wines would pay less duty on their materials than the importers of foreign wines would pay under the reduced scale of duty. They could not therefore have much claim for relief.

Resolved, That, in consideration of the loss and hindrance caused by Excise regulations in the distillation and rectification of Spirits in the United Kingdom, there shall be paid to any distiller or proprietor of such Spirits in a duty-free warehouse, on the exportation thereof, on or after the date of this Resolution, an allowance of two pence per proof gallon. And to any licensed rectifier, who on or after the date of this Resolution, shall have deposited in a Customs warehouse for exportation Spirits distilled and rectified in the United Kingdom, the following allowances on the exportation thereof (that is to say): On rectified Spirits of the nature of British compounds, not exceeding 11% O.P., as ascertained by Sykes' Hydrometer, an allowance of three pence per proof gallon; and on Spirits of the nature of Spirits of Wine, an allowance of two pence per proof gallon.

House resumed.

Resolution to be reported To-morrow.

Committee to sit again on Wednesday.