HC Deb 05 March 1860 vol 156 cc2219-20

said, he rose to ask the Secretary of State for War, Why Field Officers of the Cavalry are excluded from the advantages of the late Warrant, being prohibited from taking troop horses as chargers; whether he is aware that the receipts of a Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry from his pay and allowances are 1s. 10d. a day less than the pay and allowances of a Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry; and whether, such being the case, he will raise the pay and allowances of a Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry equal to those of a Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry?


said, he also would beg to ask the Secretary of State for War, Whether General Officers appointed to Regiments of Cavalry will in future be obliged to repay the difference, although the prices of Commissions in the Infantry and Cavalry have been equalized?


said, with regard to the question put by the noble Lord (Lord Ashley), the House must be aware that in consequence of the great additional range now attained by rifle ordnance, the lines at Hilsea were commanded by the works on Portsdown Hill, at the same time that these works still added greatly to the strength of the fortress, However, the whole subject was under the consideration of the Government, and formed part of the inquiry under the review of the Commission on Fortifications; and he could inform the hon. and gallant Member for Westminster (Sir De L. Evans) the the was assured the officers in charge of the works at Hilsea were highly competent for the duties imposed upon them. With regard to the Question of the hon. and gallant Member for Fermanagh (Capt. Archdall) he had in the first place to state that he believed he and the hon. and gallant Member were at issue as to the facts, for he believed that Lieutenant Colonels of Cavalry received 2d. a day more than Lieutenant Colonels of Infantry, the fact being that in the one case forage v. as supplied by the Commissariat, and in the other money to pay for forage was given; hence the difference. With reference to what fell from the hon. Baronet (Sir H. Stracey), he had only to say that, as for the future, Officers of Cavalry would not receive any difference, so also would they not have to pay any difference.