HC Deb 18 June 1860 vol 159 c617

Order for Consideration read.


said, that he had several times called the attention of the House to the fact of this Bill standing on the Orders of the Day almost at the bottom of the list, day by day, and he was afraid the boast of the hon. and learned Member for Dundalk (Mr. Bowyer) would be realized—namely, that he would pass this Bill through the House without discussion. That observation was made in reply to an observation of his own. He had asked the Attorney General to explain the nature of the Amendments to the House on the previous stage; but in the absence of the Attorney General, of his right hon. Friend the Member for Oxfordshire, and the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Cambridge, this Bill, on the Motion, of the lion. Member for Dundalk, was passed through the stage of Committee, which he looked upon as an attempt to force the Bill through the House, and he trusted that the House would not consent to pass the Bill without giving the fullest opportunity of considering the Amendments. The subject had been for seven years before the House, and it was too bad that it should be now passed at the fag-end of the Session without discussion, which would, in point of fact, be entirely abrogating the functions of the House. He therefore moved the adjournment of the debate.


said, that his only object was to ensure some legislation before the existing Act expired, which would be on the 4th of July. He should have preferred permanent legislation; but if that could not be obtained they must pass the Suspension Bill.


said, that he quite agreed with the hon. Member for Warwickshire that this important measure should not be hurried through without discussion, and he was surprised to find it had passed through Committee the other night, having fully intended to have made some explanation of the Amendments.

Debate adjourned till To-morrow.

House adjourned at half-after One o'clock.