HC Deb 01 June 1860 vol 158 cc1909-10

said, he would beg leave to ask the Secretary for War, Whether he had any objection to produce an Estimate of the expenses to be incurred in the China war. It was now quite clear that this country was in for a war involving very considerable outlay, and it would be desirable for the information of the House that it should at least have an outline of the expenses, so far as they could be ascertained. There would, he thought, he no difficulty in framing an estimate, giving the probable expenditure on account of the naval and military forces engaged, of transports, stores, the Native forces which would be despatched from India, and the increased pay and allowances to which soldiers and sailors were entitled when serving in that part of the world. There could be nothing more affronting to the House than to ask it to vote vast sums of money without its knowing the manner in which it was to be expended. He wished to know if the right hon. Gentleman had any objection to lay on the table an Estimate of the probable expense of the expedition to China?