HC Deb 24 July 1860 vol 160 cc151-2

Resolutions reported on Vote 3, £23,000 for Furniture of Public Departments.


called attention to the subject of unexpended balances in the Exchequer of former Votes. In fifteen cases in the Civil Service Estimates of the past year the expenditure had exceeded the Votes, and been paid from the balances of previous years to the extent of £131,189. For printing and stationery last year the Vote was £337,000; the expenditure, £427,000, or no less than £90,000 more than the Vote, the money available from previous balances amounting to £115,000. The House was now asked to vote £23,000 for furniture; but on the 1st of April last £28,000 remained unexpended from former Votes, and it was, therefore, unnecessary to take any Vote this year. Therefore, he moved that this Vote be negatived.


said, that there was now £51,000 to the credit of this Vote, all of which the Government could, if they pleased, spend next week.


said, a recent Committee on this subject had recommended that in future the balances should be brought forward, and the Government had signified their intention to adopt that course. The Government, under the existing system, had no power of expending a single penny not voted by Parliament; and he hoped, therefore, at this hour of the morning (2–30) he need say no more on the subject.

Resolutions agreed to.

House adjourned at Three o'clock.