HC Deb 06 July 1860 vol 159 cc1530-1

said, he wished to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, what course the Government intend to pursue with regard to the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill, and the renewal of the powers of the Irish Poor Law Commission? The powers of the Commissioners would expire this month, and he trusted that they would not be renewed for more than one year.


said, with respect to the question put to him by the hon. Baronet (Sir Edward Grogan), he could only state that as soon as the circumstances elicited at the trial held the week before last came to their knowledge, the Government called upon the Crown solicitor to furnish an accurate statement of the depositions of the witnesses. When that statement was obtained, an inquiry was immediately instituted, which was still pending, and of course he could not say what would be its result.

With regard to the other question put to him, be had fixed the Committee on the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill for twelve o'clock on Friday the 13th; but owing to the state of public business he feared there would not be that opportunity for the full discussion of this subject which he desired to afford the Irish Members. It was therefore the intention of the Government to limit themselves this Session merely to proposing the continuance of the powers of the Commissioners, which would otherwise lapse, together with the adoption of another clause that was necessary for restricting the expenditure.