HC Deb 06 July 1860 vol 159 cc1606-8

Act [8 & 9 Vic. c. 25] read.

Order for Committee read.


said, he would move that the Speaker leave the Chair, in order that he might propose a Resolution, upon which he should ask leave to found a Bill.


said, he objected to the Motion. The Bill was one to undo what had been done in 1853 with reference to this college; and two o'clock in the morning was not an hour at which to bring in a Resolution on which to found such a Bill.


said, that it was the first time he had ever known an hon. Member object to a Minister of the Crown stating the provisions of a Bill which he proposed to bring in.

House in Committee.


said, that from the year 1845 to 1851 the Board of Works kept the buildings of the College of Maynooth in repair by means of an annual grant of public money. In 1853, however, when the Government submitted the usual vote to the House of Commons it was defeated by a small majority upon the Motion of the hon. Member for Warwickshire (Mr. Spooner). From that time to the present the Board of Works in Ireland were under a statutory obligation to keep the College in repair, but had no funds given to them for the purpose. The state of the College in consequence could be easily conceived. A Royal Commission was appointed to inquire into the condition of the College, who recommended, not that the House of Commons should be asked to reverse its decision, but that the expenses of the building and repairs should be defrayed out of the funds already assigned by Parliament for the purposes of the College. He had asked the trustees if they were willing to acquiesce in this arrangement, and they replied that, having regard to the health, comfort, and discipline of the students, and the efficiency of the studies, they would accept the recommendation of the Royal Commissioners. He, therefore, proposed—acquiescing in the decision of the House, but not in the justice of that decision—to bring in a Bill to transfer from the personal endowment of some of the students of the College the sum of money necessary to keep the College in repair. The whole sum to which the Bill referred was that devoted by the 6th clause of the Maynooth College Act to the endowment of 250 pupils. The right hon. Gentleman concluded by placing in the hands of the Chairman a Resolution.


said, that instead of the old buildings having been repaired as intended by Parliament, new buildings had been erected, and accommodation made for one-half more pupils than the entire number in the College in 1845. That was a misappropriation of the money granted by Parliament. He objected to proceeding with the Resolution at that hour.

MR. DEEDES moved that the Chairman leave the Chair.


said, that there would be ample opportunity for discussing the measure on the second reading.


said, that they could not discuss the Bill till they had it before them. He, therefore, hoped the right hon. Gentleman would be allowed to bring in the Bill.


said, he had no wish to oppose the general wish of the Committee. He hoped, however, that the second reading would be moved at a time which would give ample opportunity for discussion.


withdrew his Amendment.

Resolution agreed to.

House resumed.

Resolved, That the Chairman be directed to move the House, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to enable the Trustees of the Royal College of Saint Patrick, at Maynooth, to make provision for certain necessary buildings and repairs.

Resolution to be reported on Monday next.

House adjourned at Three o'clock, till Monday next.